Colorful Flower Girl Dresses Brighten Wedding

Who wants to just be in the garden when you can also be one of the flowers?  That’s the way these colorful flower girl dresses brightened up the wedding!  In rainbow-colored strips of tulle, flowing flower girl dresses were a bright focal point, complementing the garden-bright setting.



The bride and her mother, as well as a bouquet of attendants, spent hours creating a paper flower backdrop for the wedding.  The bride’s mother also crafted a gorgeous pair of flower girl dresses from strips of colorful tulle.  The tulle was tied piece by piece into a stretchy lace band attached to a white sheath liner.



The key to making the dresses fit was lacing the back of the stretchy lace band with white tulle. Even the beautiful bride took time on her big day to help the girls with fitting.



This wedding was beautiful in its thoughtfulness and simplicity.  We paused for a moment before the sanctuary filled up with guests.



These flower girls were delighted to spread paper cutouts of butterflies and hearts up and down the aisle.



The celebration of joy for the bride and groom lasted into the night, with a fun time for dancing cousins, too!  What fun for little flower girls who spent their day as dancing flowers!