10 Ways to Play with a Cardboard Box

Hungry for my attention, my daughter showed up in the kitchen with the box that we’d recently opened when her new tights arrived. “This is my boat!”  she declared.  Push me!  Two crayons were her oars, where she’d punched two little holes in the flaps.  So my resourceful little boat captain encouraged me to push while she sailed the river and watched for crocodiles.



Do you let your kids keep a cardboard box on hand for creative play?  Here are 10 easy ideas for playing with a cardboard box.

1. Create a boat to sail the world’s waterways.

2. Create a car, train, or other favorite vehicle and take off.

3. Turn large appliances boxes into houses or castles.

4. Turn medium-sized appliance boxes into doll clothes closets.

5. Make a carnival game by throwing soft balls into a box.

6. Create a doll house.

7. Put object into a box, fasten it except for one arm-sized hole, and feel inside to guess the objects.

8. Put age-appropriate objects that are soft and hard inside for a sensory experience  (cotton balls versus rocks).

9. Use other cardboard to create dividers for storing craft supplies or a special set of toys that need their own container.

10. Anything you can imagine…

The best part about allowing creative free play is that children can and should use their own imaginations to make the box whatever their hearts desire!