Valentine Dough Goes Pink

Who loves making homemade dough for the kids to play with? We’re avoiding eating red food dye, so we decided to use some it up making pink dough just for crafting.


We mixed up a simple uncooked version, although you can make one in just a few minutes on the stovetop, as well.
In honor of Valentine’s Day, we experimented with adding red food coloring for red or pink crafting.  This was a way to clean out some remaining food coloring from the pantry.  It was a little messy, but fun for them to make with me.
A few years ago, when I didn’t know better, food coloring was part of my pantry stash to use in homemade baked goods.  What kid doesn’t love colorful icing on cupcakes?  I grew up with fun, colorful food dyes, and I thought I was being a good mom.  Then I started reading about the health concerns over dyes in our kids’ foods, and our family has tried to phase these out.  Like many parents out there, I read labels and try to make simpler versions of foods at home, without the artificial colors and preservatives.  It was fun making red play dough, but the more we learn about substances like Red #40, the less sense it makes to feed it to them.
Here’s a lovely cooked dough recipe at the PBS Parents site and a video demo
from Healthy Child, Healthy World, plus the link to an easy uncooked dough recipe.