5 Tips for Frugal, Green Kids’ Craft Organizing

Do your kids constantly ask you where to find craft supplies?  Did they forget they had modeling clay for playing indoors on a snowy day? Too many coloring books to count? Maybe it’s time to reorganize.


1) Take inventory before buying any more! This is easier said than done. After finding so many unused coloring and activity books in my children’s rooms, I’ve vowed to not buy them any new ones this year.ColoringBooksOrganizerScrappySprouts

2) Use cardboard creatively. We discovered that 50 coloring books will fit upright in the cardboard box that once held an 18″ doll. When buying doll accessories, we asked the store for the empty cardboard display unit, and they gave it to us.

3) Sort,sort, sort.  Kids ran out of glue sticks?  No, they didn’t.  They just need to keep the glue sticks all in one bucket and out of the crayons.

4) Make it a game. Craft supplies getting out of control? Set the timer for 5 minutes and see how quickly the kids can clean it up.CardboardOrganizerScrappySprouts

5) Sharing is good.  Empower children to decide which items to donate to charity or to share with a group of friends.