Gym Built for Kids

It’s not a school.  It’s centered on one dynamic personality, but it’s not theater. Some parents silently pray, yet it’s not a church.  On some level, healing even takes place, although no one here claims to cure anything. Chances are, most people don’t even notice the modest storefront business in the Farragut, Tennessee strip mall.  […]

Colorful Flower Girl Dresses Brighten Wedding

Who wants to just be in the garden when you can also be one of the flowers?  That’s the way these colorful flower girl dresses brightened up the wedding!  In rainbow-colored strips of tulle, flowing flower girl dresses were a bright focal point, complementing the garden-bright setting.   The bride and her mother, as well […]

10 Ways to Play with a Cardboard Box

Hungry for my attention, my daughter showed up in the kitchen with the box that we’d recently opened when her new tights arrived. “This is my boat!”  she declared.  Push me!  Two crayons were her oars, where she’d punched two little holes in the flaps.  So my resourceful little boat captain encouraged me to push […]

Valentine Dough Goes Pink

Who loves making homemade dough for the kids to play with? We’re avoiding eating red food dye, so we decided to use some it up making pink dough just for crafting. We mixed up a simple uncooked version, although you can make one in just a few minutes on the stovetop, as well. In honor […]